Apilus SX-500

Apilus™ SX-500™
The Apilus® SX-500™ undeniably represents the utmost in permanent epilation. Never before has a computer-controlled 13.56 MHz system allowed professional electrologists to reach such peaks of performance, efficiency and comfort in permanent hair removal. More innovative than ever, the Apilus® SX-500™ includes the most advanced epilation techniques available today.

Thanks to its highspeed digital technology, the MicroFlash™ mode takes advantage of the upgraded application power of the Apilus® SX-500™. The precision to one thousandth of a second opens the door to a new era of hair removal treatment, enabling rapid epilation of large body areas with unprecedented comfort. Your clients will insist on this type of application, especially on the more sensitive areas.

The MultiPlex™ mode, an innovative technique combining slow thermolysis and MicroFlash™, offers even more efficient treatments. This unique function provides astonishing results even in the most difficult conditions, such as slightly distorted or very deep follicles. This technique, exclusive to the Apilus® SX-500™, prepares the follicle by creating porosity in the tissues, resulting in a more intense action of the MicroFlash™ current. No other thermolysis method yields better results.

OmniBlend™ and Blend
The Blend and OmniBlend™ techniques are two Apilus® application methods that do wonders when treating deep, terminal hairs or distorted follicles. The Pulsing Blend mode offers a great deal of flexibility in current application while the OmniBlend™ mode, unique to Apilus® systems, guarantees a perfect and effective mixture of both currents. When used with the Tolerance Test and the Units of Lye (UL) key, this unique technique safely adapts to each client’s sensitivity, assuring comfort and incomparable results.

The all-new MultiBlend™ mode is the result of several years of careful research. This application combines two well-established techniques: OmniBlend™ (simple and efficient) and MultiPlex™ (rapid execution). As with all Apilus® mode options, MultiBlend™ can be used in automatic mode, allowing the electrologist to set her own pace and work more rapidly.

Distinctive Developments
Taking advantage of its microprecision of one thousandth of a second, the new MicroFlash™ Proportional Pulsing function (MPP) safely balances the application time of multiple pulses. The newly developed Energy Level key (eL) displays the calorific value of a treatment, thus confirming the appropriate level to use. Furthermore, the stability monitor constantly checks that current output is steady and regular, providing smooth, gentle treatments. Should an unexpected computer malfunction occur, the “Processor Sentinel” (PS) protection circuit automatically interrupts treatment, thus protecting your client against any possible loss of control. All these developments place the Apilus® SX-500™ far ahead of the competition.